Recycle Emirates offers Environmentally Compliant Disposal of Computer & IT Equipment


For over 16 years, Recycle Emirates in Dubai UAE, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt & Israel has provided corporations, governments and individuals a value-added solution to their unwanted and depreciating IT assets.

What is that Value added Solution?

IT Equipment is one of the fastest depreciation commodities in the world. Unlike an automobile or a machine, Computers depreciate at an average of 40% per year!

Once they reach End of Life, Corporate clients with hundreds or thousands of PCs look for ways to upgrade of refresh their Computer equipment. With the advent of newer models coming out every 6 months with better specs, features and options, most Computer and Gadget users feel the need to upgrade in faster intervals.

Upgrading is not only a challenge in terms of logistics for a company but also a concern as to how to find a buyer not just for one model of PC but for the entire IT infrastructure as whole? For an individual it’s an equally challenging task to try and find a buyer for his/her PC or Laptop. Listing it on a website might be a simpler way but often takes weeks if not months before one even manages to find a serious buyer.

To add to this difficulty, PC equipment especially Computers, Laptops, Servers, Copiers and Smartphones may be loaded with sensitive corporate and/or personal data that you need to have it professionally & Securely destroyed before you can pass it on. Many IT professionals and individuals feel that a simple format or factory reset might be the solution to this problem, however as per recent studies, there is still data such as personal photos, bank account numbers that can successfully be retrieved from your devices even after a format.

Recycle Emirates is the Solution!

Recycle Emirates is the Solution!

Recycle Emirates provides the solutions to such difficulties Companies & Individuals face. We can handle your used computer equipment and process it for either Recycling or Resale.

And this is not all.

We are also the only fully integrated End to End solutions provider whereby we not only Collect and Recycle your old IT equipment, but we also pay you a fair value* for it and also take care of the sensitive Data on your devices by means of a proprietary Department of Defense compliant Data Erasure process.

Recycle Emirates is the premiere, one-stop comprehensive recycling resource within Dubai UAE and also the GCC region. With accessible processing location and a strong logistics partner network, we have the ability to provide your satellite locations and branch offices with a secure and reliable Computer and electronics equipment recovery service.

Our products and services offer companies and individuals a way to properly dispose of old or unused electronics with ZERO impact to our landfills and environment. In our combined 30,000 square feet of warehouse space and 40 employees in the UAE, Recycle Emirates has teams of equipment inspectors, technicians and dismantlers for IT equipment. Our processing techniques act in accordance with all relevant local, state and federal laws.

Recycle Emirates handles all dismantling in house and we Donot Export any unprocessed equipment. Equipment is sent to the disassembly line and is broken down into its original raw commodities (copper, aluminum, iron, lead, steel, glass, plastic, etc.) then separated into different boxes for further processing.

We are the only company in the region that has multiple Certifications such as:

  • ✔ ISO 9001 – Quality Mgmt
  • ✔ ISO 14001 – Environmental Mgmt
  • ✔ ISO 14044 – Lifecycle Mgmt
  • ✔ ISO 27001 – Information Security
  • ✔ ISO 45001 – Occupational Health & Safety
  • ✔ Microsoft Registered Refurbisher
  • ✔ Microsoft Educational Partner program member

*A Fair value is determined upon physical and functional evaluation.

Recycle Emirates maintains required documentation and permits related to the handling of residual waste streams, and our downstream partners maintain the same standards.

Recycle Emirates also offers both on-site and off-site data destruction for your personal, confidential and classified information.