Zero Landfill Policy Electronic Ewaste Recycling

Recycle Emirates handles thousands of electronics every month for the purpose of purchasing, refurbishing and/or recycling for our customers The threat of identity theft means that destruction of old media, such as hard drives, CD’s and backup tapes is a serious concern. You’re the only one responsible for the proper disposal of your sensitive data. Overwriting and degaussing hard drives, tapes and other magnetic media is no longer the solution. According to a recent audit performed by the Inspector General of the Department of Defense, sensitive information was found on internal computer hard drives that had been certified as “wiped” clean prior to disposal. To be certain that all data are irrecoverable, physical destruction is the only viable choice.
Recycle Emirates offers both on-site and plant based physical data destruction services.


For your total convenience and security, Recycle Emirates now offers on-site witnessed physical data destruction service. Recycle Emirates can come to any of your locations and perform on-site data destruction, by degaussing and/or shredding your magnetic media even before removal and disassembly of your electronic equipment takes place. This on-site service is most advantageous for customers who wish to minimize the change of custody in order to preserve maximum data security and accountability within their own organization. On-site data destruction allows the customer to watch the process take place without leaving their facility.
Recycle Emirates is certified ISO 127001 (Information Security Management certification) and conforms to US Dept of Defense


Our shredding and disassembly facility is Sharjah Airport Intl Free Zone (SAIF). Our facility is secured by an entry control system which ensure that no one can just walk in. The entire facility, both indoors and outdoors, is monitored by surveillance cameras to ensure complete security during and after business hours. The physical location can be completely secured during customer visits and destruction projects, and complies with most Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility protocols. Recycle Emirate’s quality control procedures are second to none, during shredding projects at our facility, both shredding technicians and customers witnessing the destruction must follow our safety and environmental guidelines.
We come to your office and pick up your media to be destroyed. Our personnel can remove the media from your electronic equipment. We will securely seal all crates of your media prior to transportation to our secure shredding facility. We provide all of our customers with Certificates of Destruction and offer our customers full indemnity for their data and electronic equipment.


Recycle Emirates can accommodate customers located all over the world with our secure logistical support option. Every customer is different in terms of their shipping of data for destruction. We understand that secure logistics is just as vital as the actual destruction service. For smaller corporate and government projects in remote locations, Recycle Emirates will dispatch suitable, durable, shipping and storage containers with padlocks and security seals. These containers are typically used by the military, aerospace and mobile communications industries. When the containers arrive, your staff will load the containers with your hard drives or other media. Your staff will then secure the containers with the padlocks and security seals prior to shipping them back to the Recycle Emirates secure shredding facility. We can provide references of corporations that have used this shipping service as their preferred destruction method.